Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Sivaji" - Rajini's new movie directed by Shankar

Sivaji is an NRI. He is a software engineer. He returns to Tamilnadu. He gets dejected on seeing the plight of education department being made a business commodity. He uses all his savings and property and builds world class free education centers. On approaching various departments to accomplish this, he comes across bribery and corruption. He gives everything to get the task done and finally starts his education centers. When all is about to commence, all the other education center owners who made multi-millions, protest against him. They ask the government to cancel Sivaji's license. The government denies their request. As a result the government loses power and is dismissed. The new government cancels Sivaji's license, and demolishes all education centers. After spending all his money on his dream project, which is now no more, Sivaji is left in the streets with just one rupee.

In this situation, how Sivaji overcomes his enemies and how he realizes his dream project again and says 'How is it?" is the story of Rajini's new movie "Sivaji". Directed by Shankar.

Courtesy: Vaaramalar

Now this is a kick-ass Rajini story.

Sidekick : Apparently, Chandramukhi reportedly has made Rs. 65 crore in Tamilnadu alone.


At 7:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid story.

At 1:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything will depend on how the story is treated by Shankar..But it sounds like the same Shankar's theme as INDIAN and ANNIYAN..!!!

At 2:20 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will only belive in shankar and Mr Rajnikant.Story also play and important role but the background the music the song and action scene mr rajnikant entry sceen should be one of the seen which we have seen before and shankar did a good job in Anniyan but he did pay attention to the back ground score but past is the past .I should say to Mr Rajni that you have good scope working with Mr shankar .Shankar should come with photography of mudalvan Acion scene by peter hynes but no graphic it show a shit impression.
Art director should be sharistra roy and costume designe should Mr Manish Malhotra and Neeta Lula Dance should mr Michael from south.Co -star should be mature and intellengent enough theyt should deliver the dialogue in superb manner.

At 10:52 AM , Blogger Elamai Etho Etho said...

thank u very much
nice to read the story in ur blogspot

iam from

At 3:47 PM , Anonymous manispider said...

the story is ok but the performance of rajini sir must be perfect. and the make-up must not cross its limit as chandramukhi

At 6:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing story, it is going to be a blast this summer with the release of sivaji june 15. Perfect story for Super Star and with Director Shankar's majic touch it is going to thrill everyone.

At 10:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have watched the movie - of course in theatre. Okay- you can watch once atleast:)))) Rajni is amazing. Shreya is too glamorous. Vivek enthralls:))))) Sets are beyond imagination- Thanks to Thota Tharani

At 12:22 AM , Blogger Rajesh said...

Sivaji is a super hit.
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