Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lingaa Ferrari World Amusement Park

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lingaa : New Rajini movie

So the new Rajinikanth movie has been announced.

Its titled "Lingaa".

Apparently Rajini plays a dual role. Father and Son.
Sonakshi Sinha will be opposite the father Rajini and Anushka Shetty opposite to son Rajini (thats whats the rumor is:)

Monday, September 09, 2013

Kochadaiiyaan Trailer Teaser

Kochadaiiyaan official facebook page

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kochadaiyan release date Diwali 2013 ?

Looks like Rajni movie Kochadaiyan is slated for Deepavali release 2013.

Rajini looks so young in the stills :)
Thanks to digital avatars.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Singham 2 review

Saw the movie Singham 2 at Mayajal.
The movie was OK.
It was very fast paced. Pretty much 95% of the time the only person on screen was Surya.
But the disappointment was the ending.
The movie was a lengthy fast paced movie, but the climax was all over in less than 5 minutes. It was like as if someone told the movie has been running for long time now, lets end in 5 minutes.

The songs were not that great too. The action scenes may not be kid friendly.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Things have been very hectic last few days.
At work and off work.
Off work, mostly its movies.
Ok, what all have I watched!

Tamil movies, Sanda Kozhi, not bad. But not great.
Then, 23 Pulikesi, was ok. Some funny scenes. Also as it was Shankar's production the movie did have some goodwill messages as to how to make our country a better place.
Then what was the third one...Dharmapuri, *ing vijaykanth. Another typical vijay style movie, but with vijaykanth instead.

Then 'Eragon'. I liked the movie, but I was disappointed that it was very short movie. Just 1.5 hours.
I know this is the first in the Trilogy. Still, I expected a lengthier movie like 'Lord of The Rings'.
The movie was so fast, that it looked like they were rushing things to just end it.

Friday, went to 'The Good Shepherd', The beginning of CIA.
The movie was good one. Matt Damon acting was good although it looked technically 'No Acting'.

Watched 'Thalai Nagaram' *ing Sundar C.
Yes, Kushboo's husband. Directed by someone else.
Kalai, had told me that vadivelu comedy was funny.
Surprisingly, I found the movie to be a good one too.
Even though the story is very similar to Baasha to some extent, and other local dada type movies...the screenwriting and direction was good. Vadivelu comedy was funny in some scenes.

Then what else did I watch...Yeah...'Saravana' *ing Simbu and Jothika. Typical tamil masala movie.
And finally 'Thimuru' *ing Vishal and Reema Sen.

I haven't watched lots of Tamil movies lately until a week ago.
Now after seeing half a dozen Tamil movies, what I observed was quite Amazing.

Dharmapuri -
Hero in a city. Flashback- bad things happened in the past, usually in a different city/village. Hero comes in contact with the bad guys and kicks their ass. Movie ends.

Thalai Nagaram -
Hero in a city. Flashback- bad things happened in the past. Hero comes in contact with the bad guys and kicks their ass. Movie ends.

Saravana -
Hero in a city. Flashback- bad things happened in the past. Hero comes in contact with the bad guys and kicks their ass, Movie ends.

Thimiru -
Hero in a city. Flashback- bad things happened in the past. Hero comes in contact with the bad guys and kicks their ass, Movie ends.

Sanda Kozhi - (little different, no flashback)
Hero in a city. Bad things happen in the present. Hero comes in contact with the bad guys and kicks their ass. Movie ends.


I also managed to catch the movie 'Kannathil Muthamittaal'. Talk about good movies.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Vivek Comedy

Courtesy : Sun Network

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Keerat - Vattaram heroine

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sivaji - The Beginning Posted by Picasa

Apparently the story has changed from what I had posted earlier. Will post the latest story in the next few days.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Today Sun TV had a program on Rajni's Chandramukhi, 200th day celebration, plus behind the scenes making of the movie.
This movie is such a bit hit, that it ended up as the highest all time collection in Tamilnadu.

Honestly, I still have no idea how this movie was such a big hit. I thought the movie was an ordinary movie.
The success of this movie defies all logic.

But saying that, from what I hear from others, this movie was a big hit among women. Any movie which gets a good reputation
among women is sure to be hit.

This is because, when a movie targets men, only one in the family gets to see the movie usually.
But when a women likes a movie, the whole family ends up going to the theatre. It's one of the 'things' that a husband has to do :)

Also women talk about the movie to the women next door. This makes the other women jealous. Women are very competitive. So the women next door and her family also ends up going to the movie. It's a chain reaction.

So why women liked this movie so much?
I could not come up with any logical reason.
I know that women has nothing to do with logic in general.
They are into emotional and sentimental and stuff.

Anyway, I can only feel happy as so many people are happy at the success of the movie.

Logical or not, as long as something is a huge success like this, one has to appreciate it.


'Ra Ra
Sarasakku Rara
Ra Ra
Chinthaku Chera'

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Sivaji" - Rajini's new movie directed by Shankar

Sivaji is an NRI. He is a software engineer. He returns to Tamilnadu. He gets dejected on seeing the plight of education department being made a business commodity. He uses all his savings and property and builds world class free education centers. On approaching various departments to accomplish this, he comes across bribery and corruption. He gives everything to get the task done and finally starts his education centers. When all is about to commence, all the other education center owners who made multi-millions, protest against him. They ask the government to cancel Sivaji's license. The government denies their request. As a result the government loses power and is dismissed. The new government cancels Sivaji's license, and demolishes all education centers. After spending all his money on his dream project, which is now no more, Sivaji is left in the streets with just one rupee.

In this situation, how Sivaji overcomes his enemies and how he realizes his dream project again and says 'How is it?" is the story of Rajini's new movie "Sivaji". Directed by Shankar.

Courtesy: Vaaramalar

Now this is a kick-ass Rajini story.

Sidekick : Apparently, Chandramukhi reportedly has made Rs. 65 crore in Tamilnadu alone.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Tamil movie Anniyan - Review (with no spoilers)

I remember making three predictions in movie industry so far, and all of them have come true.

When I saw Vikram for the first time in Meera (1992) I knew this guy was a hero material. And I predicted he will be very successful. 5 years later, when Ullasam (1997) flopped at the box office, I was wondering what is wrong, why is he not being accepted by the people as a hero.
But now seeing how he is talked about being the next Rajni of Tamil industry, I am so glad.

The second person is Jothika. When I saw her for the first time in the movie Vaalee (1999), where she made a cameo appearance, I knew she will be a big hit in Tamil movies. That happened too.

The third was Yana Gupta. When I saw her in the song 'Babuji Zara' in the Hindi movie Dum(2002) I knew she was hot and she will be a big hit.That happened too.

Now coming back to the movie...

The movie is an out and out entertainer. From scene one to the last scene the movie does not fail to entertain the viewers.The movie is 3 hours long.


of the movie is nothing new. In fact Shankar himself had made his earlier movies Gentleman(1993) & Indian(1996) on the same concept.
The difference in this movie is how he said that using the latest technologies and trends.


in the movie was actually choreographically disappointing. The first 3 songs, had no good dance movements. They were either standing or walking. That's it.Pathetic.
I had great expectations for the 'Kaadhal Yaanai' song. Honestly it turned out to be the biggest disappointment. I think they basically wasted the talents of Yana Gupta. She is an excellent dancer, but this song had really no good dance movements. I was disappointed.
The best song turned out to be 'Kannum Kannum Nokia'. The dance movements were better, definitely not awesome. But the way the song was shot and the special effects were really good.


The stunt at the Vietnamese martial arts center was really good. Even though many of the sequences were a copy from several movies, mostly Matrix, this still had some unique sequences and was really shot well.
Where Shankar made a mistake, in my opinion, was during the fight in the alley. Vikram or Anniyan, was making some supernatural stunt movements, which in my opinion, was crappy. This is not a sci-fi movie. Those sequences were odd. People were laughing at those sequences in the theater. It was worse than Rajni's volley ball fight scene in Baba.

Some of the killing scenes were quite violent. I could hear many ladies in the theater saying 'Ewww'.

Special Effects

was really better in this movie than many other Tamil movies. Time slicing, even though an old technology today, was little different in the fight scene at the martial arts center, where the camera was panned diagonally. I thought that was good.


vivek as usual, was excellent. The timings were perfect.


was good. The only thing that was of concern was his size. He is not fat, but his body-frame has become very large. He looked odd in dance sequences. But if he had increased his body-frame specifically for this movie, then I hope he reduce it down a little bit.


was awesome. Many don't like her. Even in the movie Vivek makes fun of her calling her 'Sappai figure'. But I liked her.

The movie overall fares average when it comes to conveying the 'message'. I think 'Indian' and 'Gentleman' were better in that sense.

This movie should be a big success.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cholayil Medimix Dinakaran awards for the year 2004 on Sun TV

I saw Cholayil Medimix - Dinakaran awards for the year 2004 on Sun TV this sunday.
It was a good timepass, different from the usual movies on sundays.

  • Best Actor: Vijay (Ghilli)
  • Best Actress: Jothika (Perazhagan)
  • Life Time Achievement Awards: Veteran comedian Nagesh and lyricist Vaali
  • Best Film: Autograph (Dream theatres)
  • Best Director: Cheran (Autograph)
  • Best Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja (Manmadhan)
  • Best Singer (male): Karthik (7G Rainbow Colony)
  • Best Singer (female): Chitra (Autograph)
  • Best Lyricist: Pa.Vijay (Autograph)
  • Best Cinematographer: SD Vijay Milton (Kadhal)
  • Best Debutant (Actor): Ravi Krishna (7G Rainbow colony)
  • Best Debutant (Actress): Sandhya (Kadhal)
  • Best Comedian: Vadivelu (Giri, Aai)
  • Best Character artiste (male): Vijayan (7G Rainbow Colony)
  • Best Character artiste (female): Devayani (New)
  • Best Villian: Prakash Raj (Ghillli)
  • Best Storywriter: Silambarasan (Manmadhan)
  • Best New comer (Direction): Radha Mohan (Azhagiya Theeyae)
  • Best Dialogue writer: Selvaragavan (7G Rainbow colony)
  • Best Choreographer: Raju Sundaram (Ghillli)
  • Best Stunt Master: Kanal Kannan (M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi)
  • Best Art director: Rajeevan (Madhurey)
  • Best Child artiste: Arunkumar (Kadhal)
  • Best Art Film: Kamaraj (Ramanaa Communications)

Monday, April 25, 2005

Tamil Movie Chandramukhi - Review

What the heck was that?

"lakka lakka lakka lakka lakka" :-O

huh. Honestly I was very disappointed with this movie. This is not at all a Rajinikanth movie. The screenplay was bad and direction was even bad. Vasu's earlier Rajini movies Panakkaran, Uzhaippali and Mannan were all super hits and I liked them. Particularly Mannan very much. But this one was no where near those movies. You can't say who is hero and who is heroine. So many casts and all come and go for a while and it looked like a stage drama than a movie. Definitely not a Rajini movie. He is definitely not a super star in this movie. Just an ordinary star. The songs were also not good. Except 2 songs the rest were below average. In my eyes, this looks like a telugu masala movie.

Rajnikanth's unique selling points are his Domination, Style, Punch dialogues, Formidable opponent and none of them were present in this movie.

Why is Sachin, Sehwag and Afridi famous? They are aggressive on the field.
Why is Shoaib Akthar famous? He bowls damn fast.
They are successful because of the unique talent they have.

Rajini's success formula unique to him alone are his Domination, Style, Punch dialogues, Formidable opponent. He has to stick to that.
I can understand that he did not want to give any political message or something like that in the movie. But still he could have done a Mannan, Annamalai or Baasha.
If he wanted to do a comedy, he could have done a 'Thillu Mullu'.

If Chandramukhi was an experiment, in my eyes, the experiment failed.

After reading the reviews and seeing the movie myself I said to myself 'This looks like a Visu movie'. One of my friend told that Visu could have done the role Rajini did in this movie. I agree with her.

The most funny scene I liked in the movie was where Vadivelu, wandering alone in the Ghost Palace saying 'Mapillai... mapillai... maappu... ada vechitaangaya aappu'. That was hilarious.

After watching the movie I asked few people in the theater what they felt. They said it was ok, they liked the movie. Some said it was better than Baba. But I did not like it.
May be it's just me.

I hate the wire-Fu stunts in such movies. It is so artificial.

After watching Chandramukhi I came home and turned on Sun TV. Baasha was running. Now, that's what I call a Super Star Rajini movie. He kicks ass.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tamil movie Aai - Review

I heard a lot about this movie. I rented this out. The movie started well. The initial comedy was good too. But the moment Sarath Kumar's flashback starts, the movie became a boring unbelievable masala movie. A disappointment honestly. Couple of songs were good. Other than that the movie pretty much a boring one.

Rating : BAD

Chandramukhi Audio songs release function

Chandramukhi audio is out. I listened to the songs at

Honestly, I think songs are just ok. Not excellent. But I heard only once and that too only audio. May be when I see with video I might like it more. Lets see.

The audio release function pictures and video clippings are available for free at

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Tamil movie Attahasam - Review

ehh....nothing special in this movie. I have no idea if this a big hit back home or not. But I didn't see anything special in this movie. Couple of songs (Nachchendru ichchondrai..., Aye Pollachi yelaneere...) were ok. Some of the comedy scenes were hilarious. Particularly Karunaas struggling to start his auto was funny. Ajith has to lose some weight I guess. He is in the borderline of being called FAT. Heroine Pooja...doesn't do much, but she is glamorous.

Rating : OK

Tamil movie Dreams - Review

I wasted another 2.5 hours.
huh. I have no idea what message this movie is trying to say.
The director says drugs, smoking, etc etc are not bad in college, as you can come out of it and have a new life, but love is a killer virus and you cannot come out of it. Crap.
What kinda message is this?
Also the director , Kasthuri Raja, is the father of the movie's hero Dhanush.

Tamil actor actress cars

Devayani - Ford Icon
Simran - Mercedes Benz Black (Simran's favorite color)
Hari (Director) - Mahindra Scorpio
Vijay - Ford
Karunaas - Mitsubishi FTO
Prashanth - Hyundai Sonata
Rajni - Ambassador
Sneha - Mitsubishi Lancer
Jothika - Mercedes Benz
Sarath Kumar & Radhika - Mercedes Benz

Saturday, January 15, 2005


The next Tamil movie that Iam interested now is a movie called 'Dancer'.
The hero is a dancer in real life too. Are you asking what's so special about it?
The dancer has only one leg.

Tamil movie Sulaan - Review

I wasted 2.5 hrs.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Shahrukh Khan in Rajni's role

Chandramukhi is being made in Hindi too. Shahrukh Khan is acting in the lead role(Rajni's role). P Vasu is directing the hindi version too. Sivaji production's is producing the hindi version too.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Tamil movie Gajendra - Review

Gajendra is a typical Vijaykanth movie. You can see some shades of Rajni's Baasha movie. Also you can clearly see that Vijaykanth is seriously making plans for his entry in Tamilnadu politics. His friend Ramesh Krishna utters punch dialogues every now and then which directly shows the intentions of Vijaykanth. This happened in the movie Muthu, where the same Ramesh Krishna tells same kind of dialogues for Rajnikanth. Now that Rajni has told openly he is out of politics, it will make things easy for Vijaykanth.

Rating : OK

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Tamil Movie Giri - Review

It was an ok movie. Comedy by vadivelu was funny. Reema sen was good. Songs were good. I liked the movie. It was directed by Sundar C and produced by his wife Kushboo. Sundar C movies are usually funny with some family sentiments. This one was no exception. A typical SundarC tamil masala movie.

Rating : OK

Tamil Movie Bose - Review

Last night I saw the movie 'Bose' starring Srikanth and Sneha. Much was talked about this film. For me this was another junk movie. They look like they are making fun of army and NSGs. Srikanth has told in previous interviews that he wants to be an action here. He acted in many love stories. I am sure he must have done this movie for its action. During the title I saw one name 'Major Ravi' under Army Coordination. Still...this movie is no way near a hollywood military action movie. Srikanth is a commando who says 'Move, move, move' hundred times, unnecessarily (influence of Hollywood..there they say only when necessary...but here...huh). He gets very emotional :( So you can say he is 10% NSG and 90% a typical tamil movie hero. I don't have time to talk more about this junk.

Rating : BAD

Tamil Movie Madurey - Review

Last night I saw the Tamil movie 'Madurey' in DVD. Ewww. Such a junk movie. Story, screenplay, dialogue, direction all were below average. The story and many scenes reminded me of previous Rajni movies.

Rating : BAD

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Vivek Oberoi's mother is a Tamilian.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

The name of Rajni's character in 'Chandramukhi' is 'Saravana'.
Nayan Thara (or Nayantara) has been booked as the heroine. She is a young Malayali actress.

Photo courtesy : Yahoo

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Chandramukhi business

I read that Rajni's salary is Rs. 10 crores for his new movie 'Chandramukhi'.
The production cost of the movie is estimated to be around Rs. 3 crores.
The movie has already been sold for Rs. 25 crores.
That leaves 'Sivaji Productions' with a profit of Rs. 12 crores.
Now, I got this unconfirmed information from an unconfirmed source.
Iam not sure how true this is.
If someone can provide me some more info, that will be appreciated.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Dhanush weds Rajni's daughter

I just came to know that new actor Dhanush is going to marry Rajnikanth's daughter Aishwarya.

Rajnikant's daughter Aishwarya is a marine engineering graduate from the 'Ashram' school and junior college run by her mother Lathaa in Chennai.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Can't believe this !

Recently I read in a leading Tamil magazine that Rajini is just using 'Sivaji productions' as a shield from PMK and Rajini holds all the rights of his new movie 'Chandramukhi', and not 'Sivaji productions'. I was shocked to read that. I couldn't believe the news and still I can't believe it. Come on folks, this is the guy who gave the producers of his previous movie 'Baba', their money back when he came to know that the movie was not-so-successful commercially and the producers had incurred a heavy loss. I have never heard of any other actor voluntarily calling the producers and giving their money back for their not-so-successful movie.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

While Rajni is trying to book Aishwarya Rai for his new movie 'Chandramuki', Prashanth, is also trying to book her for his movie 'Police'. As Aishwarya Rai is said to be a close friend of Prashanth and he is closer in age to her, it looks like Aishwarya Rai will prefer Prashanth over Rajni.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Chandramuki latest new

Aish Posted by Hello

Sneha Posted by Hello
Just came to know that Rajni wants Aishwarya Rai to act in his new film 'Chandramuki'. Looks like the role for Aishwarya Rai is not as a heroine but more like a guest role. Apparently Aishwarya Rai is said to be hesitating a lot citing her schedule. Some suspect that she might be hesitating as the role is not a heroine. The backup for Aishwarya Rai is said to be Sneha.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Rajnikanth's new film!

I just came to know that Rajnikanth's new film has been initiated.
The name of movie is "Chandramukhi".
The film's director is supposed to be P. Vasu who directed Rajni's three other hit movies Panakkaran, Uzhaippali and Mannan.
It's going to be under the banner of Sivaji Productions, produced by Prabhu and Ram kumar.

Source Rediff Article:Rajnikanth's new film!